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Batch Execution

PCASTL Batch Execution

Since the input statements are read from stdin and the output is sent to stdout, you can, on Windows, use commands like:

pcastli.exe < statements.txt
pcastli.exe < statements.txt > out.txt

to have the output displayed to the screen or written in an output text file. The statements.txt file contains PCASTL statements. On Linux, the commands would look more like:

./pcastli < statements.txt
./pcastli < statements.txt > out.txt

Be sure to terminate your batch files with an exit() statement to not get a frozen command line window.

Since version 1.8, you can, from within the interpreter, call the function source with your statements file name as argument to have it executed. If you take this alternative, then be sure to NOT terminate your batch file with an exit() statement to not lose all your results.

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