Philippe Choquette's universe

Tree Structure

PCASTL Tree Structure

Unary Operators: !, -, &, *, prefix ++, prefix --, postfix ++, postfix --, cast

Unary Operators

Binary Operators: = || && == != < <= > >= + - * / ^

Binary Operators

Explicit Code Segments: `'

Code Segments

Compound Statements:


Compound Statements

Function Definitions:

function(par1, par2, par3) statement

Function Definitions

Function Calls:

function_name(arg1, arg2, arg3)

Function Calls

"if" Statements:

if (condition) statement

if Statements

"if else" Statements:

if (condition) statement_cond_1 else statement_cond_0

if else Statements

"while" Statements:

while (condition) statement

Same structure as "if" statements.

"for" Statements:

for (initialization; condition; incrementation) statement

for Statements

Genealogical Dotted Lists:

A statement list of parent and childset keywords separated by dots, beginning by parent. Where childset keywords are followed by a subscript.

parent[.parent|childset[subscript][. ...]]

Gen Dot Lists

Symbol or Code Segment Followed by a Genealogical Dotted List:

symbol[.parent|childset[subscript][. ...]]

Here the genealogical dotted list can begin with "childset".

symbols and gen dot lists

Access Lists:

symbol{.|->}member1[{.|->}member2[{.|->} ...]]

Access Lists




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