Philippe Choquette's universe



24th of June 2021: Decease of my grandmother on my father's side.

6th of April 2021: Change of ISP to Videotron.

20th of March 2020 : Sharing my bandcamp profile.

15th of December 2019 : Added a section about my favorite videos.

15th of December 2019 : Opened my Steam profile to the public.

5th of April 2019 : Back on

12th of December 2018: Moved on du Ramoneur street.

22nd of September 2018: Purchase of a Honda CB1000R 2018 motorcycle.

21st of December 2017 : Decease of my mother.

11th of March 2017: Virtual host change to Funio.

28th of February 2017: Moved on de Belmont street.

3rd of January 2017: Resumption of the training.

30th of November 2016: Appointed to Desjardins.

17th of September 2016: Decease of my grandfather on my father's side.

27th of June 2016: Joined the Groupe Imp'Act at Option travail.

18th of May 2016: Stopped the training.

9th of May 2016: Moved on Beauregard street.

4th of May 2016: Sold the motorcycle.

9th of April 2016: Example of genetic programming in PCASTL released.

4th of March 2016: Beginning of the follow-up at Option travail.

10th of September 2015: End of the contract at Facilité Informatique.

1st of May 2015: Moved on Laroche street.

1st of May 2015: Change of ISP to b2b2c.

30th of April 2015: Disconnection of my landline.

18th of September 2014: Purchase of a Nissan Sentra 2005 car.

1st of March 2014: Purchase of a Honda VFR1200 2010 motorcycle.

17th of January 2014: Resumption of the body building.

4th of September 2013: Moved on Palmarolle street.

1st of May 2013: Stopped the body building, but not the swimming.

16th of April 2012: Beginning of the contract at Facilité Informatique.

16th of December 2011: Purchase of a Subaru Impreza 2005 car.

10th of October 2011: Beginning of the training at the PEPS.

27th of May 2011: Decease of my grandmother on my mother's side.

27th of May 2011: Sold the car.

15th of May 2011: Beginning of the exercises for biceps and triceps with a dumbbell.

29th of April 2011: Purchase a Yamaha Vmax 94 motorcycle.

29th of October 2010: Change of ISP and phone line to Videotron.

27th of October 2010: Completed reading the Holy Bible.

24th of September 2010: ISP change from Bell to

8th of August 2010: Sold the motorcycle.

28th of July 2010: The site has been hacked, again.

18th of June 2010: Obtained the real motorcycle driver's licence.

2nd of April 2010: Purchase of a Yamaha XJ600 (Seca II) 93 motorcycle.

28th of July 2009: Obtained the apprentice motorcycle driver's licence.

23rd of November 2008: Moved to an apartment.

9th of September 2008: Decease of my grandfather on my mother's side.

27th of June 2008: Hiring at SAFI Quality Software.

30th of April 2008: The site has been hacked.

12th of April 2008: The ASTL is renamed by Parent and Childset Accessible Syntax Tree Language because the previous acronym was already taken by another programming language.

16th of February 2008: Accessible Syntax Tree Language's creation.

10th of January 2008: Virtual host change from to 3iX.

31st of October 2007: Emission of my master's degree diploma in computer science by the Université Laval.

15th of October 2007: Final submission of the master's degree memoir.

15th of May 2007: Major changes to this site's structure. Old version.

12th of May 2005: Purchase of a Saturn SL1 96 car.