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Francine Coulombe

1955 - 2017

One day, my mother told me the time she was visited by Jehovah's Witnesses. They began by asking her about her faith: "You madam what are you?" She replied, "Me, I am me." And they left immediately, clearly seeing that they had no chance of conversion with her.

My mother was an original, she thought for herself. If there is one thing I am grateful to her for, it is to have shown me by example to think for myself, not to automatically accept what is accepted by the majority, and also to question my own logic.

She made me discover métamédecine. It is possible to heal oneself by thought. I do not yet master how, but I have seen that works. Recently, she also showed me how she had come to be able to respond quickly, to defend herself on the spot. If there is one thing I needed to learn, it was that one.

She used to say, "It's always harder in the beginning." To encourage me when there was a new beginning in my life.

When I was young, I always had separate gifts from my mother for Christmas and for my birthday, because she understood how it could be lame from the part of those who opt for the ease of being told, here, this is for Christmas and for your birthday. The Legos I received from her are among the games I liked the most.

I will always remember the time we used to have dinner at McDonald's after listening to Découverte on Sunday. I really enjoyed these moments. Playing mitten with her and my grandparents are among the memories that are dear to me.

When I was in trouble, my mother was always there for me. She was one of the few people I trusted. She was the only one except me to have the password of my computer.

A great realization for my mother was that for it to go well in someone's life, the person must find what life expects of her. And to discover that, you have to make trials. Maximum two in one direction and if life says no two times, then try another direction.

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